Here’s How to Write a Book You Aren’t Ashamed of

Here’s How to Write a Book You Aren’t Ashamed of

If it were easy to write a book, everyone would be doing it and fewer would be talking about it. To separate yourself from the mass of truly awful wannabe writers out there, you’re going to have to do something different – learn the craft. I know, it’s a crazy idea to actually achieve skill at something before inflicting yourself upon the rest of the world.

The desire to write isn’t enough.

You’ve got to dig deep into the language and figure out why it works, when it does, and how you can replicate it. Do you pick up a guitar and expect to zing off Eddie Valen Halen riffs immediately? I sincerely hope not because, if so, you are unteachable. I would hazard a guess that Mr. Van Halen spent years tirelessly learning and then honing his mastery of the instrument.

Why should a writer expect to do any less to master the craft of the written word? Along with a constant study of what good writing looks like, the budding novelist needs to be in the habit of writing every day. Seems so commonsense an idea that one would think it needn’t be said, but if you spend more time thinking about writing or surfing any of the zillions of writing forums talking to others about writing, you’re not getting improving your skills. Forums aren’t much less an evil than television when it comes to draining productive energy.

Not that all forum participation is are bad. They’re a great place to exchange ideas and meet interesting people with a similar interest, but it’s too easy to hang out there during the time you should be applying fingerprints to keyboard. It comes down to this – to write a book you’re proud of, you need to know how to write competently. If you don’t trust your own judgment on this, find someone who’s opinion you value to be helpful and honest, and solicit their feedback.

Some writers join writing groups in hopes of getting better. Unfortunately, good groups are few and far between. Too many have no clue what it means to offer constructive criticism, but rather sit in a circle and say, “It’s good,” which is an absolutely worthless comment to a writer. Even worse, is the group filled with sharks and vipers who make it their business to destroy any creative writing that passes through their hands. Avoid these bitter failures like the plague.

Last and most important, expect to spend years cranking out drivel and genius in alternating doses until, eventually, the latter begins to emerge more often. Doesn’t matter if you’re getting paid for your efforts yet. You’ll know it, the feeling inside that says, “I finally understand. I figured out how to write.” That’s when you’re ready to take on that book and write the novel you always knew you could.

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