Having The Best Pet’s Urn For A Loyal Friend-Dog

Having The Best Pet’s Urn For A Loyal Friend-Dog

Today’s life is full of hustle-bustle. Everybody is busy making a living in order to have food on their table, financial security for their future, educational plans for their children, and ready-budget for emergencies like sudden sicknesses and hospitalization. However, there is an “extra” member of the family that we also need to have a slice of our budget for, particularly for its food, medications, and grooming. The extra member of your family is your pet.

Sometimes, a pet can provide the feeling of companionship, affection, and unwavering love that can be unmatched by humans. A person who truly loves pets would experience heart-breaking grief over his pet’s death. To preserve the memories of their pets, most owners decide to cremate their departed pets and put the ashes within a customized pet’s urn.

The best way to grieve for the loss of your favorite pet is by putting his remains or ashes in a very unique urn. The materials needed can be easily found in the supermarket and hardware stores. You just need to procure a wooden box, magnifying glass, fine sand paper, wood stain, Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze, scissors, pencil, and a black ball pen.

Here are the instructions on how to make an urn for your pet:

a. Using the fine sand paper, sand down the entire wood. Wipe off all the dust using a soft cloth or blow on it to get off all the dust out of the corners;

b. Cut out and place the pictures of your pet face up on the urn where you want it;

c. Trace around the edges of the picture with a pencil for an outline. Do this one by one with all the pictures that are going to be laminated on the urn;

d. Using the pencil again, write the words that you are going to engrave on the urn, right where you wanted them to be. You can make the words as large as you want, print or cursive;

e. Wood engraving – you can make wood engraving with a wood burning tool, which is cheap to buy. You can also make use of laser-engraving tools. Engrave your pet’s name, date, or whatever words you want to engrave on the urn;

f. In laminating the pet’s picture, stain the urn with wood stain by moistening a soft cloth and wiping down the wood with it, including the urn’s engraved area. Wait for an hour then stain it again to darken. And, after the final coating of stain, you can laminate the pictures on it after 24 hours or a day after;

g. In laminating the pictures, line the edges of the back of the pictures quickly and lightly with glue and place a bit of glue in the center of the back side of the picture;

h. Quickly place the photo on the urn where it is supposed to go and hold it firmly until the glue dries. Make this step one by one to other photos you would like to laminate;

i. In spraying the Krylon crystal clear acrylic coating, spray the pet’s urn while 10 inches away from it. Wait for 30 minutes or an hour for the coating to dry, and then spray as much you want. Wait for another hour until you are satisfied with the final coating.

While creating an urn is one of the best ways to honor your pet, there is an even better alternative: to purchase unique and customized pet urns online. You can browse through nicely designed urns to find the one that would remind you happy memories of your pet. By buying a pet’s urn online, you can save time and energy yet still expect a great looking urn to relive your pet’s memories.

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