Handmade Wedding Invitations – 3 Quick and Easy Steps to Design Your Own Handmade Wedding Stationery

Handmade Wedding Invitations – 3 Quick and Easy Steps to Design Your Own Handmade Wedding Stationery

Making your own wedding invitations is easy, however a common problem for brides that have never made cards before is that they just don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry about special tools or cutting equipment, I’m going to explain the easy may to make professional looking stationery at a third of the retail price, you will however require scissors and perhaps a craft punch of your choosing.

First, a note about where to get your supplies, Over the last couple of years making your own wedding stationery has seen a huge growth in popularity to such an extent that there are now dedicated web sites selling everything the D.I.Y bride requires, when making your own invitations these are the type of web sites to purchase from, they know the market and what the bride requires, making it easy for you to find the right products.

Step 1. The first rule of designing is ‘keep it simple’, and with that in mind your first decision is card blank colour, this is usually white or ivory, think of the card blank as your canvas, a good card blank will already have ‘Wedding Invitation’ printed on it, always choose a card blank that is of a standard format size such as A6, A5 or DL when folded, this will make life so much easier when you come to print the inserts.

Step 2. Choose a colour theme that will be used in the design of your invitations, at this point most brides will opt for their bridesmaid dress colour, others will choose a currently fashionable colour. When designing your invitation, items such as ribbon, die cut shapes or other embellishments should be chosen with your theme colours in mind.

Step 3. The final stage of designing your own wedding invitations is to select appropriate embellishments, keep in mind that weddings are a traditional social gathering and some convention in your design is expected, popular embellishments are entwined rings, entwined hearts, bride and groom, flowers, or ribbons and bows.

You now have the basic principal of handmade wedding invitation design, all that’s left to do is decide where to place the embellishments, ribbons or other decorations to create a pleasing design that’s personal to you, and remember ‘less is best’

Jacque Barns has been designing DIY wedding invitations for over five years, for more inspiration and wedding card ideas visit http://www.kookykards.com

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