Handcrafted Ballpoint Pens Are A Collectors Item

Handcrafted Ballpoint Pens Are A Collectors Item

People collect many different things. Some people collect turtles, pigs, and cows, well not actual animals just things made in their image. Why not collect beautiful handcrafted ballpoint pens. It is certainly a more dignified collection than, heaven forbid, beanie babies.

It’s pretty easy to get started collecting handcrafted ballpoint pens. Just do a search on the Internet and you will find a host of sites that are ready to sell you some truly beautiful items. The perfect part about collecting these pens is that they are actually useful. You can write your great American novel using the special handcrafted pen you picked up just for that special use. And when you become a celebrated writer you can tell the world that you wrote the whole thing with your special pen on a roll of Brawny paper towels. Beat that Kerouak.

If you know someone who collects handcrafted ballpoint pens make it a point to check out some of the fabulous offerings you can find on the web. You can find a truly unique gift for your crazy little collector. Personally, I would never buy someone a pig clock just because I know they collect pigs, but I wouldn’t have a problem buying someone a handcrafted ballpoint pen. I guess it’s all in the trailer parkishness of the whole pig thing.

There are even sites online that will teach you how to make your own handcrafted ballpoint pens. Now that’s a hobby someone can get behind. But if you’re not all that handy you can find pens made from exotic woods, metals or even antlers. There is no shortage of materials that these fine gifts can be made from. You would not need to look too far to find a pen that is made from something unique. Just do a search on handcrafted ballpoint pens and you will find a large selection to choose from.

Have someone difficult to buy a gift for? Well, handcrafted ballpoint pens were made for gift giving. Well, actually they were made for writing, but you get my point. They generally will come in a gift-sized box and can be packaged to display their beauty and uniqueness. Pick up a couple of sets and you will always have something on hand to give when you have forgotten to pick up a gift. You will be giving a great writing instrument and a collector’s item all at the same time. Aren’t you the smart shopper?

Joshua Drew is a hobby enthusiasts. While he isn’t playing around with antler ballpoint pens, he can be seen at his local college taking English courses.
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This is a rocket I made in about 30 minutes this sunday afternoon. The rocket is constructed of a ball point pen (ink tube removed), Micro Maxx Rocket (small rockets availiable at anywhere like walmart), and some posterboard for the fins. I used a bottle rocket fuse for the ignition system because I didnt feel like fooling with the electronic ignition.
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