Giftmaster Product Gallery 1979

Some cool led pen images:

Giftmaster Product Gallery 1979
led pen
Image by Nesster
A. Night writer – flashlight pen .95
B. Wrinkles away compact hand steamer .95
C. Current Converters – 50w and 1600w electric converters .95
D. Porta-vault drawer safe .95
E. Qwik-stamp – stamp your return address .95
F. Attache overnight case – your papers and your pj’s 9.95
G. Digital scale, LED readout, 5 penlight batteries .95
H. Travel size clock radio by Aimor .95
I. Portable print-out calculator, LED display .95
J. Phone index, battery operated .95
K. Automatic phone dialer / calculator – stores 32 phone numbers – 9.95
L. Sterling money clip – reproduction of your own business card – .95
M. Calculator / Cassette combination, 8 digit LED, micro cassettes .95

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