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Image by Warm ‘n Fuzzy
A lovely surprise From Rosy, she send my a this super cure Russian Doll Stationery Set and a little cat notebook along with some candy 🙂 Thanks a Bunch!! ♥
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Hiding in Plain Sight (Best Viewed Large)
Image by A. Davey
"You can observe a lot by watching."
Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra

What? Has someone tagged the Ryder Brothers Stationery Store Warehouse in Baker City, Oregon?

Well, think of it as virtual tagging with a purpose. The real building still looks just like its image earlier in my photostream. What you’re seeing here is the result of several hours work – fun and enjoyable work – in Photo Shop.

This image answers several questions I had about the building’s construction.

First, I was curious whether the stone blocks were randomly sized, or whether there was some consistency in their dimensions.

Next, I wanted to see whether the cut stone blocks on the front of the building had been laid in a pattern. If you’ve looked at my unaltered photo of the building, the wall seems to consist of beautifully cut stone blocks in an assortment of sizes laid in no particular order.

However, when you colorize the blocks according to size, as I did here, a lovely diagonal pattern comprising stones of three different dimensions (with the odd piece or two inserted as gap fillers) emerges from the monochrome surface.


I wonder whether the pattern was more apparent when the building was new. I also wonder whether the way the blocks are laid might enhance the wall’s strength and stability.

I have to think it would have been easier and cheaper to lay uniform-sized stone blocks in an overlapping pattern similar to that used in brick walls. Clearly, the owner prioritized esthetics over expense. How often do we see that in warehouses these days? Well, never is probably the correct answer; work this fine is reserved for commercial construction or, who else, the well-hidden super-rich.

Whether this new-to-me pattern was decorative, functional or both, I’m sure it must have been source of pride to the masons and the building’s owner.

In case anyone’s worried, no, I don’t recommend painting the blocks to bring out the pattern.

Opposite the Library P1530562
Image by tomylees
Back to the end of June when I was on my way down Fairfield Road.
Stationery Solutions. 6 Fairfield Road. Braintree, Essex CM7 3HF

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