Discount Voucher Codes Cross Class Divide

Discount Voucher Codes Cross Class Divide

Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular with UK customers as everyone tries to get themselves a better deal and a bargain online. This has led to the increased popularity in the use of discount codes and promotional codes by UK consumers and interestingly it is middle class workers that are searching and using coupon codes more than any other section of society.

Voucher Alerts , a leading voucher codes website listing savings for over 3000 retailers, sees high level of traffic during work hours indicating that many workers log on to view the promo codes whilst at work and goes some way to explaining why there is a spike on a Monday when people return to work, it seems that workers make use of the internet for more than just work on a Monday morning.

“Most people assume that money off vouchers would be searched for most by the working class but the truth is that everyone is looking to save money, especially at the moment when the economy seems so uncertain,” said Marketing Director Danny Watson.

“Retailers are starting to realize the true benefit of releasing discount vouchers for customers and not just at weekends throughout the week also which is when many shoppers appear to be searching for savings, even during working hours.” keeps you informed of the very latest promotional discounts as they are released from all the top retailers including B and Q and Tesco. The voucher alert system allows you to select your favorite retailers and be notified as soon as discount codes are added for them.

To take advantage of the great savings and special offers updated regularly at Voucher Alerts, sign up today and begin benefiting from the best discount vouchers and voucher codes now.

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