DISC for the audo gps navigation

by 小狼

DISC for the audo gps navigation

At present, almost all the car gps navigation include dvd player, so there is a problem with the storage of disc, so how to protect the disc? I’m pleasure to list my experience for you.


When disc is not in using, put it back stand in disc box. Please keep The Disc away from too cold, wet or heat sources. (including sunshine sources). Don’t stick paper on tape to the disk, or use disc with pencil, ball pen or other write tool with tip, Which may hurt the disc.

Don’t let your disc in sunshine or in too hot environment.

Don’t use Alcohol, thinner or cleaner whicharesold in market, or water used in gramophone disc more maintenance of disc, please see the disc explain.


The disk will circumrotate at a high speed in the unit. If you find the disc break, disrepair, crinkle or with other damages, please don’t run a risk to use in the unit, which may damage the unit.


When input or take out the disc, don’t left fingerprint, dust or tom tag. Please hand the inside edge of the disc

Dirty or disfiguring disc will cause jumping-sound when in playing. Also to pay attention not scrape the side with label, however, this side not much easy to damage as the REC side, but if also can lead it not to use.

Gently clean as beeline from the center. Don’t clean the disc surface along circle track. If possible, downright clean the disc use cloth dipping with alcohol or cleaner which are sold in market for CD/DVD. Don’t use alcohol, thinner, or other leaner, include the products designed or clean ethane disc.

That’s all.

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