Creepy VooDoo Doll Speed Drawing / Painting – pinsetter1991

Wow, this is one of the creepiest lil’ dudes I’ve ever done! Final Image- Song- Facebook- I used a TON of materials on this one. I started out with an HB pencil then slowly worked up to 2B 4B and 6B as the sketch got darker and more detailed. Next I add color! I use gouache paints that are heavily diluted with water. I start off with earth tones like light browns and oranges then as the painting/drawing gets more detailed i use more vibrant colors. I flicked and ran my fingers through the brush bristles to splatter the paint around and on top of the doll. Last I used white charcoal to do the face, and colored pencils and soft charcoal to do the rest. Materials: Faber Castell graphite pencils (HB-2B-4B-6B) Reeves 18 piece gouache paint set Loew Cornell and Contemporary Crafts brushes Faber Castell white eraser Generals white charcoal pencil Art Alternatives compressed white charcoal Vellum Bristol paper (made by Wausau) Generals soft charcoal pencil Assorted Rose Art – Crayola – and Gallery colored pencils Captured with a Brinno gardenwatch camera Final image scanned with an Epson Artician 810 all in one Edited with Windows Movie Maker
Video Rating: 4 / 5

this is basically a ‘part 2’ of my other video ‘how to draw manga hair: boys’. tips: do light sketch in hb pencil darken final lines shade in hair dark at the back of the head have contrast between light and dark quick strokes hold the pencil in different ways, hold the end of the pencil, scrunch up onto the tip, etc. try to imagine how you want your drawing to look then draw it out put another sheet of paper on the drawing to prevent unwanted smudging. and PRACTICE!!! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! ­čśÇ
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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