Cool “writing Instruments” images

Some cool writing instruments images:

Montblanc 4810 Westside Black Pen Pouch – Ident. No. 09577

Image by antefixus21
Pen pouch for one writing instrument made of Southern German full-grain cowhide with a subtle print and fine rare finish, with a jacquard lining, and branded with a ruthenium-plated Montblanc emblem

I found this particular pen pouch at European Jewellery in Yorkdale, Toronto. I was dressed in a nice suit and looked at the pouch, and was even allowed to take this photo which I immediately emailed to my wife.

I was being served by a middle aged Chinese lady who dropped me like a plate of steaming hot rice as soon as she spied in her periferal vision, a Chinese businessman and his wife who had entered their store and were eyeing expensive watches. It was obvious that they had not been in that store before.

I will never shop at that location of European Jewellery as the sales lady was rude by taking the new customers, by ignoring my request for a price and finally by not returning after several minutes. There were other salesmen standing by idly. I finally walked out in disgust.

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