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Some cool plastic pen images:

What’s in my camera bag – March 2012
plastic pen
Image by thatgrumguy
Whilst my computer was rebooting for the 4th time this morning, I thought I’d update my "what’s in my camera bag" pic since things have changed a lot in the past few months.

I no longer carry around my DSLR as my primary camera as my lovely girlfriend bought me a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V. It is a smashing bit of tech for it’s size. Alas, it does miss a lot of manual settings that I thought I’d be OK with but it still is a powerful little beast in the end.

My bag consists of:

1 square of post-its – you always should carry sticky notes with you wherever you go
1 SD card / battery holder – mostly useless unless I need to loan an SD card to someone. Less likely to lose it.
1 dirty microfibre cloth. I really should buy a new one… Does the job tho.
1 pen.
1 power adaptor for the battery charger
1 power charger. Bought from Hong Kong for a 6th the price of a proper Australian one.
1 camera.
1 Crumpler bag and Carabiner doohicky.
1 plastic battery case. It does nothing.
4 SDHC cards (2x Sandisk Class 4 16 gig, 1x Sandisk Class 6 4 gig & 1x Lenovo Class 6 4 gig)
3 assorted batteries (1 made by Sony, the other 2 pirated)
1 BARSKA Accu Grip Handheld Tripod System. Best thing ever for this camera. Has a tripod mount on the bottom for add-ons.

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