Color Pencil Drawing Tutorials

Color Pencil Drawing Tutorials

If you’re looking for good color pencil drawing tutorials, I believe you have already mastered pencil drawing. Pencil drawing lays the foundation for color drawing. It’s hard to produce an excellent color drawing without a sound foundation. So if you haven’t been practising with your sketch pad, I highly recommend that you retrace your steps and perfect your sketches.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you. First, pay attention to the highlights of your sketches. After some time, this becomes a habit, and you’ll know where to place highlights naturally. Highlights are reflection of light, so you need at least some basic understanding of light. Learn to produce these highlights in black and white and you’ll get a better appreciation of the challenges associated with applying highlights.

Here’s another tip. While working in black and white, don’t just blur everything out with shades. Make a conscious effort to draw the details. This is perhaps your greatest challenge, since drawing details can be tricky. Drawing details can be a little time consuming but it forces you to be more observant of the subjects that you are drawing. An observant person makes an excellent artist.

Once you feel confident of your pencil sketches, you can proceed to learn how to draw with color pencils. This is a natural progression in your learning journey. Working with color pencils can be very similar to working with pencils. The techniques that you apply with pencils can also be applied using color pencils.

The only difference is that you’ll now be working with colors instead of just black and white, which makes the drawing process more fun and exciting. Some artists prefer to work with black and white only. When in the hands of a skilled artist, black and white pencil drawings can be very beautiful.

But if you’re an aspiring artist, my advice to you is to move on to color pencils, then to watercolors and so on. Work with various coloring mediums and keep an open mind. You can always make your choice and stick with your favourite medium later on.

So for now, let’s just stick with color pencils. There are a variety of color pencils that you can try out. The main difference between the different brands is the amount of wax in the pencils. Can you tell the difference in the final output?

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