Catia V5 – Retractable ballpoint pen – Ink refill – Part 1/2

In this video, I started the design of “invisible” components of my pen. Basically, ink refill design is one of the uncountless challenges engineers have thrived with throughout years. So my aim was not to disclose some engineering secrets but to come out with something mine. Thus, please consider similarities with another design as pure coincidence. As in my previous videos, I mostly used basic modelling features to design each parts, from the ball to the ink follower ( as my teacher used to say, “the simpler it is, the better it is”). Now few words about what you may find interesting in this video: – Create/use parameters in a design – Reorder elements in a tree – Use of “split command” to look inside a part In the upcoming video, I will add a spring to press the ball and may be, start the click mecanism!!! So stay tune and enjoy!!.

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