Car Pencil Sketch Drawing

Car Pencil Sketch Drawing

I don’t think you’re going to want to sketch your dream car from memory, so I’m going to assume that you’ll need some help trying to remember all the little details on your dream car.

You may want to refer to some images for your pencil drawing. The term for these images is called “reference images”. So go ahead and pick your reference images from your favourite websites.

Remember, you have to pick something that you really like. I’m sure in this case it’s not that hard a thing to do since we’re talking about your dream car. Prototypes are often popular subjects, so you may want to consider those.

The other thing I’m going to assume here is that you have your sketching tools ready. That means having your pencils, drawing paper and erasers ready. Now we’re ready to start drawing.

When you draw your car, work with a HB or 2B pencil to draw the overall shape of the car. Use a ruler to get the measurements right if you have to. In fact, I strongly recommend this since this is a solid object that we’re drawing.

Continue working lightly on the shape and form of the car and slowly fill in the details. We’re still in the early stage of the drawing. At this stage, the goal here is to determine the location of all the different parts of the car.

Once you’ve accurately nailed down the positions, you may proceed to shade with a darker pencil. Some people prefer to work from dark to light, and some from light to dark. I personally like working from light to dark. Try it both ways to see which approach you prefer.

We’ve moved into the second stage of the drawing now, whether you know it or not. At this stage, the goal is to get accurate tones for the shades. It’s also the stage where you work on your blends. Your blending will get the car body to look all smooth and shiny.

Finally, use a sharp pencil (preferrably 8B) to define the details. Erase any unwanted lines and that’s it! You should have a great look pencil sketch of your dream car in front of you now if you follow the instructions in this article.

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