Business Gift Pens

Business Gift Pens

Pens are a popular business gift, and this article was written to help you select and imprint pens for use as corporate business gifts. We’ll be focusing on high-end gift pens, so if you’re more interested in cheap promotional pens for giveaways, check out our promotional advertising pens guide instead. If you are looking for a pen to use as a holiday gift, new customer gift, door opener or employee gift, then this is the article for you, and we hope you enjoy it.

Fountain Pens, Ballpoints and Rollerballs
The most common types of executive pens are fountain, ballpoint and rollerball. Fountain pens have a well of water-based ink and a nib, which is a metal point that guides the ink. Ballpoint pens use an oil-based ink and require more pressure when writing. Rollerball pens use water-based ink and a different ball mechanism. They require less pressure when you write and the ink will run if it becomes saturated. There are high-quality executive pens available in three classic styles, depending on business objectives and user preferences.

Click, Twist and Stick
There are three standard pen designs. Stick pens are probably the most conventional and are built with a barrel and cap. Click pens have a clicking mechanism that exposes or retracts the point, and twist pens use a twist mechanism to do the same. Most gift pens are either stick or twist pens, and all fountain pens are stick pens. There are many quality pens available in both stick and twist, and selection is always a matter of user preferences.

Stylus, USB and Multifunction Pens
Stylus, USB and multifunction pens are a growing category as PDAs, portable flash memory and other electronic devices become more popular. When choosing a multifunction or memory stick pen as a gift, look for something that has the additional benefits you want, but also portrays a solid look and feel which represents your brand. Remember, you’re making an investment by purchasing these gifts, so you will only see a good ROI if the customer sees the pen as a useful and durable item.

Artwork, Imprinting and Customization
Gift pens are typically laser engraved, or tastefully imprinted with a logo. Think of it as a gift with high-quality branding, which shows your business is dedicated to satisfying its clients and customers. One way of including your logo tastefully is to print it using tone-on-tone, such as a black imprint on a black pen. The imprint will still be visible, but it will be much more subtle and won’t detract from the value of the pen as a gift. Other subtle imprinting options include printing or engraving just the cap or clip of the pen. When deciding on your artwork, one business logo should be more than enough to ensure that your brand message resonates with the customer. Leave taglines and other messages for your promotional advertising products.

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