almost just right

Check out these ballpoint pen images:

almost just right
ballpoint pen
Image by williac
I’ve been looking for a keychain pen for ages now. Fortunately, the fine folks at Sharpie have made an ultra fine point version of their micro series. My search for a ballpoint equivalent continues though. Why are all the half-length keychain ballpoint pens twice as thick as normal pens? All of the ones I’ve found are huge. They’re short, but way too thick to be comfortably carried in a pocket.

0 in my pocket
ballpoint pen
Image by churl
These are my work pens in my shirt pocket. From left to right, there’s a blue Waterman Hemisphere ballpoint pen, for writing on carbon copy paper, like for orders and such. Next is the new Waterman Harmonie, which is just hands down reliable. Last is the Parker Sonnet, which I’m trying to ‘break in’ as it were. It’s working pretty well.

I’m currently using Mont Blanc ink in both fountain pens, but I think I’ll switch to Private Reserve once I run out.

Estimated worth of my pocket, around 0. I think I may have spent too much money on pens. Sadly, I have more pens at home too. I’m developing a problem.

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