Add a Touch of Class to Your Next Promotion With Metal Gift Pens

Add a Touch of Class to Your Next Promotion With Metal Gift Pens

Promotional metal gift pens are not just given to anyone. Let’s face it, they can be quite expensive. Metal pens are therefore generally not used for large promotions but as special gifts for top customers. As pens are such popular business gifts, it is a good idea to have plenty of inexpensive plastic pens ready for every day promotions but to also order a much smaller selection of gift pens for whenever you feel the time is right to thank that special customer.

If you are looking for name brand metal pens, you cannot go wrong with those manufactured by Parker, Cross, Waterman and Lamy. Lamy is still a relatively little known brand in the US and UK but they are very popular in Europe. The designs the German manufacturer has produced are exquisite and offer style like no other brand name pens on the market. All of these brand names are popular because they have consistently produced top quality writing instruments that people love to write with and give away to their key customers. These pens are safe gifts that you know will be used, appreciated and even prized.

Less expensive but of excellent quality are the metal pens manufactured by Senator. The Senator Pen Company needs a special word of mention because they are not very well known for their metal gift pens. Senator Pens have long been a top manufacturer of plastic ballpens but their metal pens are worth checking out.

Cheaper still are the hundreds of generic metal pens available. It is strongly advised that if you are looking into the generic option, you ask your supplier for samples. Write with those samples and ensure that you are happy with the pen before making your purchase. There are some very nice top quality generic brands out there but there are also a few clunkers. It is better safe than sorry when you are looking at going to the expense of purchasing gift pens.

If you really want your gift to go down well, ensure the pens are supplied in a gift case. Most of the name brand metal pens come boxed as standard but lesser know brands often do not. If your pen of choice does not come boxed, ask your supplier to find a pen case that will accommodate the pen. Gift pens look much classier and demand a lot more respect when they are presented in top quality packaging.

There are few companies that know promotional pens as well as CompuGift Limited. Their website has been the leading printed pen site in the UK for over ten years. The promotional pens website features hundreds of generic and name brand pens that can be printed with your logo and details. We offer a free sample service.

Dan Toombs is the Managing Director of CompuGift Limited.

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